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Business Banking

FCB ATM Debit Card - The Card That Works Like A Check

Faster and Easier than Checks

Whether your top priority is purchasing an airline ticket or reserving an upcoming seminar, you can forget your checkbook when you have a First Commercial Bank Debit Card. This card allows you access to funds from your checking account anywhere you see the VISA® symbol. There's no need to write checks or carry around large amounts of cash.

Everyday Convenience

Record keeping is easy. A detailed description of every card purchase you make appears on your regular monthly checking statement.

Accepted in More Places

It's not always easy to pay by check when you're away from home. Even in your local area, some places may not accept checks. Your First Commercial Bank Debit Card helps you avoid these problems.

Your Source for Instant Cash

The First Commercial Bank Debit Card is also your ATM card that can be used at any ATM machine displaying the STAR or Cirrus symbol. It can expand your possibilities - allowing you to get cash from your checking account all over the world!

It's easy to apply:

Surcharge-Free ATMs

For a listing of surcharge-free ATMs click on the STAR ATM Locator below or type into your web browser:  http://www.star.com

Look for "Surcharge-Free ATM" in the description (example:  Target and Homeland Stores offer Surcharge-Free ATMs)

Locate a STAR ATM

 To report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card, please call 405.844.0110 or 800.871.3331 during business hours.  After hours, please call 800.221.9647.

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